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Basket Abandonment: How to recover loss revenue

Your customer spends time on your website searching for the perfect product, they click to read all the information, add it to the basket, then just abandon it, why?

There are many reasons why this could be happening. For a start it’s a lot easier to abandon an online cart than it is for someone to abandon one on the high street. Also the online experience offers a more convenient way to window shop anytime, anywhere with no sales pressure to purchase.

Knowing this, its crucial to ensure your ecommerce website is not causing any reason for your customers to abandon their cart. Some things to look out for are:



If your website is difficult to navigate around and your customer struggles to find what they’re looking for, they could just simply give up. By adding more humanity and a better tone of voice to your website this will give your customer a better shopping experience and more likely to complete the sale.

Security plays another big role. If the method of entering private information is complex or they just don’t feel secure entering their card details, customers may leave as a safety precaution. One way of combating this is to ensure an SSL certificate is on your website and the icon is prominent on every page. The best area to place this is generally in the footer of your website.



It’s important to ensure your customers can view your website on all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. However, this does mean that some customers may shop for a product on their smart device but prefer to complete the sale on their desktop. Inevitably this means their product is left behind in the basket until they use their preferred online shopping method. This could be a matter of minutes or just forgotten about completely.



At what stage of the process do your customers abandon their basket? Are they possibly put off by the postage and packaging? The most common time for people to abandon a cart is Thursday between 1pm and 2pm. This is likely to be shoppers browsing on their lunch at work and simply run out of time before completing the sale.

So how do we begin to recover these customers? A simple re-marketing email sent out could recover up to 63% loss revenue!



One of the most successful methods is a 3 step program. This involves 3 marketing emails being sent out over a period of time to all customers that abandoned their carts.

Email 1: This should be sent about an hour after the cart has been abandoned. Remind your customer what they were purchasing and ask if they would like any help.

Email 2: Sent 1 day later, reminding your customers of all the benefits your company has to offer and why they should purchase from you.

Email 3: This should be sent around one week after abandonment. This email should create a sense of urgency and last chance to buy. This can be done with a limited time offer, for example, 25% off for the next 48 hours.

Creating the right tone of voice with these emails will really add to their success. Don’t be afraid to inject the brands personality and make the subject line personal and fun. For example, “Did you forget something?”

Finally, don’t forget to add clear call to actions linking back to the cart with their items in. Make sure these are easy to click on all devices so the customer can continue where they left off with ease.


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